Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jack of all trades – Phooey!

Oil on Linen
3 Hour sketch
Jack of all trades – Phooey!
To view my work in its entirety, you would think I was a multiple personality.
My art is my emotional channel, vent, voice and escape.
Like anyone, I have a range of emotions and I use my art to make my way though life.
I can paint to off load a serious emotion or escape it by turning to light hearted work like some of my illustration. I use variety to keep me keen and motivated.
“Jack of all trades – master of none”? WHO CARES!!!
Am I competent – yes. I am I there yet? – Never will be!
I create a level of balance and gain experience, retain freshness and more working in this way, so I dispute the logic of slaving in one area or in one medium. This may work for some but not for me. I do not concern myself too much with pursuing an identity in my work, so I guess I am purely indulgent and selfish in this one area of my life.
Maybe this is the appeal. I can have self in this and not interfere or upset anyone. In fact, my art brings much enjoyment to others no matter how or why I created it.
My only concern with the diversity of my passion is the time restraints and physical limitations of so much inspiration. I often feel bombarded by my visions and frustrated at not being able to materialize them.
I do need to reorganize my Internet presence though so people can get a complete picture of what I do. Alternatively, segment and link it all better so my different approaches are in their own space – again time restraints
Artist’s Statement?
Hmmm, well mine would be interestingly confusing I think – no wonder I avoid that task. This will have to do


mauricio salmon said...

great painting! makes me want to pick up my brushes.

Natura said...

Me too! Love your free and expressive strokes.

Roland Mechael said...

lovely painting!

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