Sunday, July 02, 2006

Illustration Friday - sticky

I am ruined. I downloaded the trial version of painter and played on it tonight for three and a half hours.
My fate is sealed – I am hooked already – I am in love – it is wonderful.
I wanted to spend some time doing some illustration work and have decided to participate in Illustration Friday so I can stretch my illustration skills. I wanted to be a children’s book illustrator when I was younger but were put off after a rejection from a publisher.
Goodness, I was only 18 and had no idea back then.
Anyway, here is my result form the theme “sticky”. I think every mum will relate to this dilemma.
You can clean the floor a dozen times after a cordial spill but it is still STICKY Ahhhh!
My little tot is bound to escape even a frown with that cute look.

Oh, the things I could do with this program – LOOK OUT!
Goodness, I wish it were not so expensive. I have two months to play then I have to find $600AU ouch.
Anyhoooo ready to post a quick play now. Next post see my pup!
Woops - one reader asked me what Cordial was. Americans may call it Syrup.
Sorry - cordial is um.....syrup? You know you mix it with water to make a drink.


Bron Smith said...

A cute little kid you drew. I hope you enjoy your two months of experimentation with your new program. Photoshop, or Painter...sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

potatomamma said...

Hey Kayleen!
I´s really cute, I love what you did with the topic, and with painter. I have the program too, and like it lots as well. About your note regarding being rejected as a children book illustrator - I´m glad you kept painting! You should try getting into kids books again, your illu is really cute. Don´t give up, rejection is part of the business =)
Best, Astrid,

Momma Pajama said...

Hi Kayleen, do you know anyone who works for the company who makes the program?? No kidding, the same thing just happened to me. I just downloaded the trial for Illustrator and asked a friend of a friend who worked at Adobe and he bought it for me at 5% of the regular price! Ask your friends, siblings if they know anyone - you could get lucky!

Momma Pajama said...

I feel for you about I.F. downloading. I have a love/hate relationship with it! I think I finally get it though - my 12 year old showed me how for the 5th time!

Ellen said...

Lovely little illo! Glad to see you back on track with your art! There are a lot of us in here who are trying to revive our talents second time around! Welcome!!

Franfou said...

nice coloring and reflect !!!

Alina Chau said...

Lovely cute illo!

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