Friday, July 07, 2006

Dogs can be daggy

I have a Jack Russel / cross / chowowa. Excuse if I spelt that wrong.
Anyhoooo she is a nut - completely hyper but loves me to death. Loyal to the core and I love her.
Just to show you how amusing she is I did a quick illustration of her in Painter.
Size 21x27cm 300dpi (3xACEO collectors card size - that up there for thinking hey!)
She started out a bit too masculine so I added the lippy, eylashes and the girly collar.
Funny story:-
When she was younger we had to have her due-claws removed and she kept pulling off her bandages. So I made a cone to put over her head so she couldnt reach her paws with her mouth.
It looked so amusing we could,nt help but laugh. She got so insulted she marched straight into the laundry, put her head agianst the wall (like a suction cup) and stayed there for hours.
Ha ha, I could not believe how sensitive she was.
They say they are like thier owners- hmmmmm LOL


Lois said...

Hi Kayleen, thanks for the comments on my illo. I have a crazy Jack Russel too! Everyone thinks she is part chiuahaha (sp?) because she has these huge triangle ears, and is only 10 pounds. But I'm pretty sure she isn't. ANyway, funny, your illo really captures that "one thing on their mind" Whatever it is at the time. Mine is nuts for squirrells.

ValGalArt said...

the story and your illo is darling!!! Love it!

((( {[-_-]} ))) oO(lazyKite) said...

paul here.
i havent posted on artforum for along time.
but its great to see you are still doing digital art and have got a wacom.=D talk to you soon, on art forum.=) im posting thre again!=D

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