Monday, July 10, 2006

Digi painting - what size 4 print?

Now this is a question that was a little hard to find but I finally had success after 4 days of searching and begging for answers.

This was my querie:
I have a question I dearly would like clarified.
What size to paint in digi?
I browsed and searched and browsed again through the forums and on the net.
Looking for an answer to this question.

EXACTLY - WHAT size does one set their canvas and resolution for a digital masterpiece?
Anticipating great things of myself in the near future I wanted to start creating my digital paintings in the correct size JUST IN CASE
I manage a gem and want it reproduced in poster size - clarified- beauty!

I managed to gather enough info that told me most artist use 300dpi resolution and that poster sizes where the following variations:

A1 841x594mm (33.11x23.39 inches)
27x39 inches
27x40 inches
20 x 30 inches

Now I was not sure what to go with then I spoke to a forum member who creates his work in 400x500mm @ 300dpi (This works out to be 4700x5900 pixels)
Or 3300x3300pixels @ 300ddpi
He told me this was 11X11inches but it is 14x14inches according to my calculations.
He informs me this size will print up to 5 times larger.

I was making my images 27x29inches @ 300dpi and they where massive!
Photoshop was quite ok with it, but painter choked. I was disappointed that it affected painter and has resolved that the trial I downloaded was the last for me.
However, if the images do not need to be so big then maybe painter will be fine.
It creates larger files than Photoshop, which is a bit of a shame.

And the answer was:
It seems I wasn't far off. A kind member of cgtalk
by the name of
Svetlana Okhapkina(thank you eishiya) responded and this is a break down of her comment:

I usually with a canvas sixe of 11x17 inches @ 300dpi to practice size for printing.
Some artist paint bigger but this is a good general size.
For web it can be allot smaller.
For Printing best not to go under 9 inches on any one side.

And from devient art I read the following info (broken down in my words):
7000 x 5250 (23.33x17.5inches @ 300dpi) = a 44.66x35 inch print @150dpi
7200 x 10800 (24x36 inches @ 300dpi

and one particular compitant illustrator whith lovely prints uses a 3600x3600 canvas.

So what did I get from all this?
Well I know the industry std sizes for print and the local print shop sizes.
I now know I do not need to save files above 300dpi as long as the canvas is reasonable.
I also now know to stick to a minimum of 9inches (but I will use an 11 inch minimum I think)

I hope this has helped other people find this information a little easier than I did.
Happy digi 2U


Jessica Wong said...

Hi Kayleen. The info you provided about printing size is really useful! I'm a self-taught illustrator, so I'm really clueless about printing size but I always try to create a large size just in case I want to print them one day. I thought my usual 2800x2800 pixels are huge enough, now that you've given some info out of your research, I'd better may it at least 11 inches too! Thank for sharing!

Alexei Martins said...

Hello...i like your paint with oil...and photoshop???

I'm from Brazil...

neilornstein said...

I find that working at 300 dpi on a large immage cause my poor computer to choke.

As a result I paint in a smaller size and resolution and then blow the iage up and change the resolution using an absolutely astonishing program called Genuine Fractals.

Here is link for more information:

Kayleen Stewart said...



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